The Untold Truth about Digital Marketing

Over past decade the jargon ‘Internet Marketing’ have fooled many people with Get Rich Quick Scheme. It is absolute stupid if some one is trying to sell you overnight success with Internet Marketing. Remember Digital World is more competitive than physical Brick and Mortar Store. Why Because, Accessibility. Everyone have access to this small little device -Mobile Phone. Everyone is trying harder to win the top ranking keywords and spending thousands on Paid ads to acquire customers. Its highly competitive industry where only the smartest mind in business survive.

Here’s what internet marketing actually is, if you are willing to invest months and years into something that you were building and every little win that you get actually stacks in towards building something real and you can have whatever you want you could have freedom you can not have to go to work like I don’t have to I don’t have to go to work anymore I don’t have to punch a clock I don’t have anybody that is waiting for me in an office and it’s a good thing but internet marketing is not what you were being sold it’s hard work it’s getting up every day and putting in time putting in effort putting in the work but here’s the crazy thing it’s worth it internet marketing is total crap because most people don’t have a real business behind the marketing the real key is do you have a business at all that internet stuff strengthens

if you do the world is your oyster but I’m gonna tell you something you’re going to have to invest some time so anybody tells you that you can be rich in a month that’s a load of crap that’s lottery winners you’re gonna end up like most of these NFL players out there who something like eighty percent after they retire go bankrupt that’s what’s coming if that’s what you happen to get lucky with with internet marketing or you know maybe you don’t get lucky and you never make anything but if you actually build something and you use the Internet to push it forward and you’re building something that you’re going to invest your time and money and hard work in for the next oh I don’t know five ten years then you were going to have everything that you wanted and your wildest dreams will come true but you have to have a business for the marketing to go into otherwise internet marketing is absolute crap.

So the next time you’re out there and someone’s telling you about the latest thing the latest whiz bang the latest program I just ask you to weigh it like this are they telling you you can get rich overnight are they telling you they have a system something that they put together for you that’s yeah it’s great it’s a method it works it’s you know a proven business system but it’s gonna take some work it’s gonna take months it’s gonna take years if that’s what they’re telling you probably real because that’s what it really is if you’re willing to invest that and you’re willing to put in the time and the effort then you can have whatever you want if not then this is just a hobby and let’s just you know go get a job because that’s all you want you want a job at a hobby.

Do not just start a digital business for the sake of being a overnight success. Trust me its fluke , real business do not get build overnight.You need to build solid business foundation and consider Internet Marketing as just a way to spread awareness about your product/services. If you do not position your product/services for the right target customer segment, Internet Marketing alone will not bring long term sustainable results.

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