Data Management Services

Feeding Right data for Right decisions

With the rapid acceptance of  digital technology in business. it is evident that future of business decision is going to be completely data driven. More and More Business want to leverage these existing pile of large data sets for business intelligence and predictive data analytics projects.However to give the accurate projects and analysis it is important that the data feeds which enters these intelligent systems must be free from inconsistency and errors.

  • ­Data Cleansing.
  • ­Data Enrichment.
  • ­Data Preparation

AGS have the capability to prepare data for your new data warehouse or data analysis projects so you are assured of getting clean data feed free from inconsistencies.

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    Case Studies

    Digital Marketing for a Coffee Shop

    Jason’s New Coffee shop was located in a high street with many corporate offices around.He has a social media presence and paid listing on few popular local directories. He also got a nice looking website using WIX. However his biggest challenge was to keep the engagement on all these platforms so his customers can spread